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Find Email Addresses with the Email Discovery Tool


Here’s a new Chrome Extension for you to check out! This tool is called the “Email Discovery Tool” and you can find it on the Chrome Store or sign up and use the web version instead.

Email Search Features

The first feature is search company data for contacts by title and company name. This seems to work pretty well, note that the source appears to be LinkedIn data. Also, these are work emails, so you may not want to use your free credits for this unless you don’t have another LinkedIn search tool.

Another feature is the search by domain. This will allow you to search web data for any email addresses on that domain. As an example, we popped in “” and it was able to find a bunch of different emails at Expedia. So, this could be very useful if you don’t have a contact name. Great!

Next, if you’re looking for a specific person’s email address and you know their name and domain, you can use the search name feature. This will allow you to search a specified domain with a first and last name to locate an email address.

Other features

There are a few other features that aren’t for locating email addresses. You can use the email verification tool to check if an email sent to an address is valid or if it bounces. Note that this does not count against your credits, so you can check as many emails as you like per day. Use the location search to look for companies within a specified geographic location. Lastly, you can also add different search terms into the tool to get curated business news and social media data sent to you on a regular basis.

The free version of this tool allows you to use 5 requests per day, so you can really get a good feel for what it does and decide if you want to pay for additional requests. It’s probably not going to replace other tools that you’re already using, but it could be a decent addition to your toolbelt!

~ Noel Cocca


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