Loxo update makes the tech a no-brainer for any workflow



Loxo is a user-friendly CRM that we are fans of here at RecruitingDaily.  It is simple to navigate yet still packs in exciting features like task automation and AI. It’s a great fit for teams both big and small, and is used by a number of big-name industry professionals.

The app has a simple display, not unlike many other CRMs. It is easy to navigate and includes many drag-and-drop capabilities. However, within this simple interface are many unique and high-quality abilities. Furthermore, Loxo has a Chrome Extension that will allow you to easily add to your talent pool from any site.

From within the app, you can create jobs, which will serve both as a way to define your search terms and organize your potential candidates.

  • When creating the job, you can be as specific as you want, inputting things like job title, location, responsibilities, compensation, years of experience, and more.
  • Loxo’s advanced AI will search for candidates that match your specifications.
  • You can also add candidates yourself from any site using the Loxo Chrome Extension.
  • You can easily duplicate jobs if you need to create multiples with similar requirements.
  • Loxo will help you easily sort and keep track of which stage of the process each candidate falls under.

Within each profile, Loxo contains a detailed run-down of the potential candidate’s qualifications and contact info.

  • Loxo’s AI will search to enhance each profile, finding as much information and as many forms of contact as possible.
  • This information is conveniently displayed, both in brief on the job page, and in detail on the candidate page.
  • You can also easily perform and automate a variety of outreach tasks, such as sending emails and texts, or scheduling events.

Overall, Loxo is a near-perfect CRM. It packs a lot of power into a simple and user-friendly interface and is frequently updated to incorporate the newest features and technologies. Additionally, it is reasonably priced, making it especially great for individuals and smaller teams. ~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: