jobjet update


Jobjet now has a new and improved Recruiter Pro update


Jobjet has now released its Recruiter Pro version, which adds new features and uses both its App and Chrome Extension to help you find and organize talent.

When you log in to Jobjet Recruiter Pro, you see a list of your candidates. These can be imported into Jobjet in a variety of ways. You can add candidates manually, import them from other sites using the Chrome Extension, or find them within Jobjet using the Candidate Cloud, which I will touch on later.

Once candidates are imported into the system, Jobjet makes it really easy to contact them and monitor any progress. You can also use Jobjet in teams, allowing you to easily keep track of who is talking to who for improved efficiency.

The Jobjet Recruited Pro Chrome Extension also makes your talent search more efficient. The tool works best on LinkedIn, but also useful on AngelList, GitHub, and more. It allows you to find contact info such as email addresses and phone numbers, import people into your list of contacts, and even message candidates directly from the extension.

The most notable new feature of Jobjet Recruiter Pro, however, is the previously mentioned Candidate Cloud. This is a built-in database of potential talent, making it simple to search, add, and contact new candidates within the Jobjet app.

  • You can search candidates with keywords such as titles, skills, locations, and more.
  • Jobjet will compile a large list of search results, conveniently displaying key information about the candidates. The candidate’s last few positions are displayed, as well as educational background and more relevant skills.
  • The candidates’ contact information is also easily accessed from this search, by choosing “Get Contact Info.”

This search helps you to greatly improve and speed up your candidate search process, allowing you to move on to the crucial contact step sooner.

Overall, the new Jobjet Recruiter Pro combines all the most important tools into one easy-to-use system ~Noel Cocca


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