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Minneapolis,MN (PRWEB) January 18, 2012

Dave Jordan, of, offers a fresh look at the background check phenomenon with tips gained from years of industry experience and customer feedback. Mr. Jordan seeks to further educate, and also learn from consumers, through a new video and accompanying survey at

The rise of the multi-million dollar background check industry has been swift and it continues to grow exponentially. Mr. Jordan shared, “This growth has been fueled by an insatiable curiosity for the secrets in other people’s lives, along with slick marketing tactics employed by companies who are only concerned with the bottom line.”

Jordan has reviewed dozens of background check companies, and hundreds of consumer survey responses already submitted to He says the responses have a common thread. That is, “Many people have a difficult time with choosing a background check, often end up getting the one making the most unrealistic claims, and often times find themselves with nothing but a gaping hole in their wallet.”

Perhaps, the most stunning admission from Dave Jordan is this: “The fact of the matter is that consumer background check services are frequently nothing more than a money pit, but people are curious and go for them anyway.” He goes on, “However, it makes a big difference which service is used because there are definitely some companies that provide a much better product than the others. That being said, even the best background checks can be woefully lacking.”

Mr. Jordan shared some pointers on how to evaluate a background check service based on past consumer survey feedback and intimate knowledge of the industry:

Does the company have endorsements and/or feedback? This provides outside validation, and shows people are using it in the real world. The BBB and Ripoff Report are a good start, but an objective look is required as consumers generally don’t post positive experiences.

Is your contact information kept private and secure? Look for the VeriSign, Thawte or Mcafee logo on a website for assurance of digital security. At checkout, the address bar should have “https” and a green or blue bar on the left side.

Do they have a satisfaction guarantee? Don’t be fooled. Be sure you can actually receive compensation or a refund for a product that isn’t delivering.

How long has the company been in business? Some have been in the business over a decade. Basically, you just need to make sure the company has some history.

What do you actually receive when checking out? Most times you will receive a specific product such as a background check. Some companies offer unlimited access to their databases for a subscription fee. READ THE TERMS ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE.

Do they have reachable customer service? This may seem obvious but isn’t always the case. If they are paying someone to keep customers happy that obviously shows commitment on their part.

Do they have About us, FAQ and Privacy pages? We have found that any service worth considering has pages dedicated to informing the customer what their mission is and when they were started, an FAQ page, etc. Privacy pages are also required.

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