dilbertAfter last weeks #TRULondon and a really enlightening track led by Matt Charney about blogging and “keeping it real,” I felt the need to share a recent experience with internal recruiters.

It went something like this.

“Isn’t it great when you get a call from someone who’s been recommended to you, from a client you’d like to work with, who has a new job they’d like your help with?”

Especially if they introduce themselves as “being ex agency, so I know how you guys work.”


Not when he…

Makes it clear that he is doing you a favour by offering you the chance to work with him (I think he forgot that he called me).

Has no time to give you a brief but wants “a few CVs as soon as possible.

Won’t let you talk to the hiring manager because he thinks he’s got to protect his power base.

Wants to talk about terms, but not yet. First he wants to “let’s see what you can do first, after all, any fee is better than no fee at all.

Yeah, maybe in your world, sunshine.

I work with internal teams a lot. When it works well it’s a great relationship.

It’s great because they value your expertise and market knowledge (because they’ve been on the other side of the fence and done it well) and they want you to help them solve a problem.

They’ll give you all the information you need and encourage you to engage with hiring managers to make sure you understand exactly what’s required. They know that it’s in everyone’s best interests to work as a team. Especially the candidate’s best interests.

I have no doubt that this particular internal recruiter will find someone to work with – someone who’ll be happy to work blind, throw a few CVs around and pocket a fee if he gets lucky. There are plenty of recruiters like that out there – and I suspect the internal recruiter used to work that way himself.

If you’re working agency side, you should be proud, know your value and think about less about where your next fee’s coming from and more about how your next fee is coming in.

If you can’t do that, then maybe try to be an internal recruiter.

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markAbout the Author: Mark Burton specializes in health, safety and environmental recruiting. He works successfully every day with companies from all industries, whether they’re seeking a graduate for an entry level job or a new Director or  Head of HSE with a six figure salary. Mark has been working in health, safety and environmental recruitment for 14 years.

As well as actively recruiting at every level, he is a regular contributor to HSW Magazine, writing their “Ask The Recruitment Expert” column and have previously written and been asked to contribute to other leading journals, including the SHP and specialist environmental publications. Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkBurton1973 or connect with him on LinkedIn.