AFS helps you to harness the enormous quantity of Facebook profiles in an effective and efficient way


AFS, or the Advanced Facebook Search, is a search engine that allows you to sort through Facebook based on a number of terms. Facebook has billions of members, making it a great sourcing tool. However, without a way to narrow the billions into a manageable selection, it doesn’t do you much good. With AFS, you are able to be as specific as you want, narrowing down the vast number of profiles into a useful selection.

The tool has three tabs: People, Posts, and Pages. For the purpose of recruiting, the “People” tab is the most relevant.

  • First, you can choose to search all people or narrow it down by friends, friends of friends, or only non-friends.
  • You can specify standard characteristics such as language, location, and gender.
  • You can also specify more career-related characteristics, such as job title, education, and current or past companies.

Though the tool works as a Chrome Extension, it always opens up Facebook’s site to display the search results. From here, you can choose to reach out to potential talent directly through Facebook. Alternatively, you can use another tool (such as ZapInfo) to compile lists of people and location contact information.

One of the best aspects of the Advanced Facebook Search is that it is consistently being updated along with Facebook. It’s a reliable tool that allows you to harness the incredible power of Facebook for your own sourcing needs. ~ Noel Cocca

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