Access 2 million physicians through!


Let’s talk about for a minute. This is a government-sponsored database that contains over 2 million contacts, and it’s downloadable.

To use this, simply head over to the site, and click on Physician Compare Data. From there, scroll down to the Physician Compare National Downloadable File and click on the name. Then, hit that blue View Data button and it will load in your browser. Of course, if you want to download it and refine and filter on your own, feel free to download the whole zip file!

You’ll get their name, where they work, phone numbers, all sorts of neat stuff, including where they went to medical school and their graduation year. Additionally, their specialty is listed, so you can focus on matches for Emergency Medicine or Podiatry, whatever you wish. Aside from physician data, there are similar datasets for hospitals, nursing homes, and more. If you’re doing any recruiting or sourcing for the medical field, this could really come in handy!

~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: