Between face-to-face meetings, training sessions, Skype interviews, constant email inbox checks, and social media posts – recruiters are busy. That’s their go-to excuse for bad behavior, too. Fortunately for you and the sake of your candidates,  there are automation options to save you time on every day tasks. While I’m sure you are already familiar with plenty of useful solutions that were covered here on, there are some simple yet powerful tools that you may not have heard of before. Let’s jump right in.

Increase Productivity Email

Gmail Offline

Of course, you want to be able to read the inbox messages and craft responses to your candidates wherever you are. But what if you have unpredictable problems with your Internet connection? Or don’t have access to Wi-Fi? That would not be an issue if you added Gmail Offline to your browser.

This app allows you to view your Gmail inbox if there is no access to the Web. It synchronizes your Gmail account with your computer, so you can take advantage of your inbox just like you would do if you were online. Read your email and reply to the messages – your responses will be sent once you get back online.


Following up quickly can make or break any relationship; especially with potential candidates. With FollowupThen, you can quickly schedule your follow-up messages. Just put [date and time] in the BCC field when composing an email, and you will receive the reminder exactly when you mentioned. That way you can write an email and set up a follow-up alert at the same time. A time saver built into a friendly reminder.

Increase Productivity Social Media


Jobcast is a career page builder that will help you get the most out of your Facebook recruiting. If you need to create a career section on your (or your client’s) company Facebook page, using Jobcast is the way to go. It offers more than just job listings: you will be able to build a complete career site on social media and reach out to your Facebook audience.


HireHive offers automated posting on social media channels and popular job boards. Using HireHive, you may make use of customized career site templates, ability to manage candidates’ profiles and interview scheduling.

Increase Productivity Texting


When it comes to text messages, spelling matters a lot. Texts are short; that’s why spelling mistakes are like flashing STOP signs. Obviously, no candidate would like to continue the communication after they receive an unprofessional looking text message. SpellCheckPlus makes it possible for you to check your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes. Errors become highlighted and you can read comments hovered above the highlighted parts, or look through them at the bottom of the page.

TextMagic URL shortener

URL shorteners are often called “the unsung heroes of social media and text messaging.” Whenever you need to include the link into your SMS, you don’t want to waste the precious symbols – fitting your message into 140 characters can be a real challenge. TextMagic URL shortener is straightforward and nice; what is also great about this tool is that you can track how candidates react to the link. You can monitor the number of clicks, see the browser and platform candidates use to access the URL you included.

Increase Productivity Software Suites


If you need advanced recruitment software, check out JobDiva.  It’s a complete sourcing and applicant tracking solution that allows you to painlessly synchronize your jobs database with your client’s vendor management system. With JobDiva, you can search resumes for practical things like skills by the years of experience. It’s a magic wand when it comes to searching relevant and qualified candidates.

Also, JobDiva provides a powerful CRM, email synchronization, calendar activities and more. Need to visualize your numbers and share the reports with management and other team members? Use “JobDiva Custom Business Intelligence” and voila! Your report is scheduled to be sent out to the stakeholders.


CATS does exactly what an all-in-one recruitment solution should do: manages the entire recruitment process. You can:

  • Monitor every stage of the hiring process.
  • Automatically post your jobs to job boards and social media.
  • Do a targeted keyword search for better results.
  • Send out bulk emails.

If you need a powerful, affordable and user-friendly recruitment solution, CATS is definitely worth trying.

What do you use to increase productivity? If you know some alternatives, please let us know by leaving a comment!


About our Author: Alexa Lemzy is the content manager and customer support specialist at TextMagic. She is interested in customer experience improvement, best recruitment practices, and the newest technologies. Alexa is always on the lookout for handy tools that help streamline everyday work routine. You can contact her on Twitter.