Recruiting ToolsFull disclosure: I don’t cook. In fact, when left unsupervised, I have been known to produce something that can’t be cut let alone eaten. I do make a mean toast ensemble coupled with a slightly-larger-than-normal bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

But if I am being honest, I know that if it wasn’t for my wife, I would probably exist on Mountain Dew and those extra large convenience store burrito bombs. Bad meals, however, are not always caused by the chef, sometimes the issue is not having the right utensils to make the best results.

When I began my sourcing journey, I was pretty overwhelmed with the various recruiting tools out there. I had a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out,) because I thought I needed to use everything that was out there all the time. I was happy one of my sourcing mentors was able to help break it down:

“You don’t use every utensil in the kitchen when you’re cooking, do you?”

“Uhhh, no.”

“There are commonly used utensils to make most meals, and there are specialized ones for more unique dishes. So when it comes to search, start with the basics and then as you become more experienced and do more niche searches, try adding and experimenting with specific tools.”

That was my “aha!” moment. Yes, there are lots of recruiting tools. Don’t believe me, just check out Dean DaCosta’s Chrome browser list. But I have found the RecruiterWare utensils that work best for me and I wanted to share them with you.


This self-proclaimed “Google for talent”  is a people aggregator that has been picking up steam over the past year. It’s continuing to grow in its popularity and scope of services; essentially, they’re a tight-knit team that does a lot. HiringSolved has very strong data compilation algorithms and built-in intuitive search. It provides instantaneous results as it’s being fed search data. Two cool things that stood out to me most were its profile cloning capabilities and diversity search functions. They’re coming out with a revamped UI soon. As a bonus,  you can download the free Prophet extension for Chrome as well, which HiringSolved created after they built their platform.

Recruiting Tools


If you’re looking for an x-ray search tool, BOOL is a string generator that comes in both a Chrome extension and web page version. BOOL is an easy way to create, run, edit, name, and save search strings. It does have limitations, however.  Users are only able to run Bing or Google searches either on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. On the plus side, BOOL’s notepad feature is pretty useful as well for writing and storing ideas or search strategies. Cost: free.

Recruiting Tools


Ever get tired of playing the back and forth email/phone tag game with candidates? I certainly did. Put a stop to those time wasting shenanigans and go sign up for this. Stacy Zapar mentioned it at the Spring 2016 SourceCon and I’ve been hooked ever since. This is a free scheduling service that integrates into your Google or iCloud calendars, with added abilities to customize your calendar layout and messaging. There’s a paid side users can access as well, but I’m all about the free and haven’t felt a need to upgrade.

Recruiting Tools

And as a thank you for reading this far, I’ll toss in one more freebie tool …

HubSpot (aka HubSpot Sales):

Never ask, “Did you get my email?” again. With HubSpot, you can instantly know:

  • Exactly when, where, and on what device (mobile or laptop) that email you sent was opened.
  • How many times the recipient viewed your email.
  • If they clicked on any links you included in your email.

Overall, HubSpot is an inbound sales and marketing tool that allows for 200 free email notifications per month. It integrates into Gmail and Outlook and comes with a Chrome extension. One thing to remember if you activate this tool for an email you’re sending to multiple recipients: it won’t tell you exactly which person open or viewed your email. It will only say “Someone has opened [email subject line]”. And HubSpot also comes with a not-too-shabby free CRM.

Recruiting Tools

So there is my two cents. Maybe you have some of these utensils in your sourcing kitchen, maybe not. Either way, give something new a try and go be awesome!

Happy hunting!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAXzAAAAJGY3Y2MwOTRiLTYzZjctNDk4NS05Y2I5LTk2M2FiNmYyOGE0NAAbout our Author: David Nicola has over 15 years of experience in various Human Services functions and has been in staffing since 2010. He currently serves as a Technical Sourcer at Bay Area startup Delphix and was the founder of Central Coast Recruiters on Meetup. When he’s not hunting for killer Engineering talent, he’s spending quality time with his awesome family and watching his beloved San Francisco Giants. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.