Do you know what Slack and cool have in common? Everything. I know I’m not the first person to discover slack, but I am definitely a huge fan. We started using the messaging app for internal communication here at  about two months ago. Our team runs on slack. So here are three reasons I love using slack, besides that awesome noise it makes when you get a message.

1) It’s super easy to use. 

Download the app on your desktop and your phone and take your messages anywhere. Everything on the app is very intuitive and well designed, two things I always appreciate. Not to mention there is a ton of customization that can be done, which is always fun.

2) It allows cool things to happen

Advanced users can come up with some pretty interesting stuff. One guy on our team is linking slack to forms on our website. When someone fills out a form, we get a slack message instead of an email. Also, you can create private and public boards to chat on and manage permissions pretty easily. For example, we have a board for each client where we can all discuss the status of a project. We also have private boards (one on one conversations) and group party boards where we can chit chat around the water cooler.

3) It helps us stay in contact.

Oddly enough, it feels really good to communicate through slack. Earlier today I was on the phone with a co-worker, and we moved the conversation to slack. What we were discussing didn’t
necessarily require a phone call so we hoped on slack and chatted it up. The emoji sending was off the hook! Also, it’s not weird to add to chat after work hours. It’s nice to drop a line in a group chat on a Sunday, so you don’t forget to on Monday. It’s kinda like adding to a group task list; eventually, everyone sees it, and it gets taken care of.

Slack is just one of the tools we use here at to run our business more efficiently. We are always looking for awesome new productivity tools so; please let us know what you’re using.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAU_AAAAJGZjMmE5MTNlLTBlOGItNGY0OC05MWVlLTMwZjkzZTM4MTQ0ZQQuintin Ford is a recruiter and entrepreneur focused in the areas of tech, media and finance. He believes in building solid, long-lasting relationships with his candidates and clients. Quintin is interested in forward thinking recruitment technology. Much of his day is focused on finding or developing smart, simple recruitment solutions that are flexible, efficient and productive. He is the founder of – a company that focuses on delivering up to 3 stellar candidates to your inbox daily. Learn more about Quintin on LinkedIn.