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ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A study released today by Randstad delivers new insights on employees’ predictions on career and job prospects for 2012. Almost half of workers surveyed, 48 percent, believe their companies will cut benefits in the New Year and 41 percent believe their companies will lay off workers. However, 74 percent of US workers agree that their companies have great futures.

The Randstad Employee Attachment Index, released today also reported that almost one quarter (24 percent) of employees are willing to lose their bonuses or work longer hours to keep their current jobs. Overall, Randstad’s Attachment Index remains steady this quarter. The index which measures employee engagement and retention indicates that slightly more employees report enjoying going to work this quarter and slightly more would accept a new job offer in the next six months. The findings can help companies better understand employees’ priorities and concerns as they plan staffing for the coming year.

“With the continued ups and downs of the economy, US workers report very mixed expectations for 2012,” says Joanie Ruge, senior vice president and chief employment analyst for Randstad US, the third largest staffing firm in the country. “We’re seeing about half of the workers surveyed are very positive about their companies and even their current jobs, but the other half are very nervous about maintaining their employment and benefits. Workers are indicating that they are uncertain about the New Year and many are taking precautions such as cutting back on expenses and putting more towards savings just in case.”

Randstad’s Attachment Index also indicates a widening of the gap between the most attached and the least attached employees. “Employers need to pay close attention to changes in their employee populations of the very engaged and the least engaged,” says Ruge. “Companies want to successfully engage as many employees as possible to maximize productivity, and they need to particularly focus on those workers who are most engaged and, thus, most valuable. Our research shows that 33 percent of the most highly engaged employees are likely to leave their companies if offered an enticing new job while 30 percent would seriously consider another job offer. This is a serious threat to employers as the economy recovers and as more jobs become available. Companies will need to watch this as we move into 2012.”

More Attachment Index Findings

Employee Predictions for 2012:

19 percent feel it is likely they will lose their jobs
Almost a quarter (24 percent) of workers say it is likely they will get a pay cut
76 believe it is unlikely they will receive a promotion
Nearly half (46 percent) expect the job market to improve in 2012
47 percent plan to explore other opportunities as soon as the job market picks up

Career Attitudes:

78 percent feel inspired each day to do their best in their jobs
36 percent of workers do not feel that their company shares their values
A majority of employees (69 percent) enjoy going to work every day
64 percent believe their efforts at work are recognized and valued

Job Attachment:

Almost a quarter (24 percent) of highly engaged employees are likely to seek a new job in the next 6 months
33 percent of highly engaged workers are likely to accept a new job if offered one in the next 6 months
73 percent of employees feel secure in their employment compared with 77 percent last quarter
Retention and engagement levels for employees remain similar to the first quarter of 2011

For more information on The Randstad Employee Attachment Index and to access an executive summary of findings visit: www.randstad.com.

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