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New York, New York (PRWEB) December 08, 2011 Individuals and businesses are becoming increasingly affected by the materials about them online. When an offensive or negative result shows up in the top positions of a search by a popular search engine such as Google, this can have devastating effects. Your online reputation can be viewed by your bosses, employees and anyone who searches for your name online. Online Reputation Management provides services to make sure the negative or offensive items are removed altogether or pushed to the later pages of search engine results.

Online Reputation Management founder, Ed Eshel commented, “We are very proud to have recently completed our 100th project for a private individual who sought our help to repair his online reputation after several negative articles started to affect his professional and private life”. The case was assessed by Online Reputation Management who formulated a plan of action. In addition to trying to get as many of the offending articles removed as possible, we also implemented an effective SEO campaign designed to ensure that the top positions in search engine results are dominated with positive articles and posts. This also served to ensure that any remaining offending articles were pushed further down in the online search results.

“The 100th project was a very typical scenario of the type of reputation repair work that is becoming increasingly needed in today’s, Internet-reliant world” commented Eshel. The company has dealt with a range of projects since its launch, in all the goal was to establish and promote a positive online reputation for the client. This involves combining several different approaches to suit the specific needs of a client. When there are existing materials online that are negatively effecting the reputation of a client, the fist aim is to remove as much of this as possible. At the same time, an SEO campaign is initiated, to ensure that the most relevant and positive information ranks in the top positions of online search engine results. Additionally an online marketing campaign is invariably designed, which will ensure that there is plenty of positive and useful information to fill the search results and further promote the client’s online reputation in a positive light.

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