Despite all the struggles of 2022 from inflation to layoffs to talent shortages, recruiters and HR professionals have a positive outlook for 2023, according to a survey from Glider AI. The study surveyed 130 employees from the hiring, staffing and recruiting fields to gain insight into the priorities for hiring in 2023.

The vast majority of respondents – around 79% – said their focus for 2023 was hiring full-time employees. However, openings for contingent and contract positions were also noted as growing areas, with 50% and 57% respectively.

This may come as a surprise, especially with the state of the labor market and the possibility of an economic downturn to come. Regardless, most of the survey’s respondents said the revenue outlook for 2023 was average or better than in 2022– supporting an opportunity for a stronger job pipeline in many companies. In fact, only 13% of those surveyed reported concern about the state of their revenue in the year ahead.

Increased Focus on Skills

There was a clear emphasis on skills, especially technical skills, for 2023 based on the results of the survey.

The survey found that upskilling current employees is on the minds of many, including the participants of the survey. Fifty percent rated upskilling as a high priority in the year ahead, while only 2% said it was not a priority at all. As much can be expected as upskilling serves as a more cost-effective way to gain new skills without outsourcing labor or hiring for a new role.

Despite the number of tech-related layoffs in the last few months, the study also found that the bulk of open roles are technical in nature. The demand for talent in non-technical roles was not as high, being noted as medium priority for the respondents.

In addition to the increased demand, the survey also found that people were more intentional about seeking and vetting “quality talent.” A need for validating the skills and overall fit of candidates was shown to be high on the list of priorities for 2023, with 66% of respondents ranking it as such.

By Gracie Wirick

Gracie Wirick is a writer and editor at RecruitingDaily and the HCM Technology report. A Purdue graduate with degrees in Professional Writing and Communication. She is a lover of classics and literature with an unfortunate penchant for the Oxford comma.


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