OutMatch launched the Hiring Experience Stack, a “seamless orchestration” of capabilities in assessments, video interviews and reference checking that it says will deliver a more humanized, candidate-driven hiring experience.

CEO Greg Moran said the stack allows candidates to “drive their own selection process.” Such an approach is valuable now as companies wrestle to balance candidate experience with talent acquisition efficiency. Current hiring processes, OutMatch said, use a mashup of tools that prioritizes efficiency over experience.

The Hiring Experience Stack can be layered onto any company’s existing ATS to let candidates advance their application through OutMatch’s automated workflow. Candidates can also showcase their soft skills thanks using the platform’s recorded video interview tools.

Single Hiring Experience

From the employer’s point of view, It allows recruiters to create hiring assessments that can capture necessary data without compromising the experience for job seekers. It also automates reference checking once candidates input their basic information into the platform. For recruiters, the stack provides a wider view of candidate data and a more precise measure of the hiring experience’s impact.

In November, OutMatch acquired Checkster with the intention of integrating its reference-checking and post-hire analysis functionality. Just a month earlier, the company purchased FurstPerson, an assessment firm specializing in pre-hire simulations. At the time, OutMatch said FurstPerson’s simulations would complement its video interviewing tools, as well as its broader set of assessments. In September, the company acquired LaunchPad, a recruitment automation platform.

GEM Recruiting AI

Speaking to Dallas Innovates, OutMatch CTO Chris Gardner said the company will spend much of 2021 exploring how it can combine data from its products to help customers better execute on talent acquisition plans. It will also make further investments in analytics, candidate experience and the experience.

“By focusing in these areas we can improve our customers’ recruiting brands, accelerate their diversity and inclusion initiatives, humanize the hiring process for candidates by putting them in more control and help recruiters deal effectively with high volumes of applicants,” he said.


Mark Feffer

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