hireEZ announced it will begin offering generative AI functionality with the Generative Pre-trained Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) language model. The new product will use the GPT-3 alongside hireEZ’s machine learning data to help recruiters create personalized emails for candidate outreach. According to the company, this will allow recruiters to work more quickly than they can using traditional tools.

As of late, generative AI – especially GPT-3 and Chat-GPT– has been creating discussions in the industry for its variety of uses and promises of timesaving. As defined by the World Economic Forum, Generative AI uses algorithms to generate new and original content including text, audio, images and code.

hireEZ said that its GPT3-powered functionality will allow recruiters to generate candidate emails based on job descriptions. Thus, automating the laborious and time-consuming task of composing individual messages for recruiters.

“We see the use of generative AI as a massive opportunity to improve how businesses engage and communicate with talent,” said hireEZ CEO Steven Jiang. “Our goal is to make sure the technology works efficiently, and ethically, for both companies and job candidates. Any recruiter today will tell you they feel like they are doing the job of five people. We envision a future where AI can help one recruiter easily do the job of 10.”

The product release is set for March 9.

Machine Learning for Tailored Messages

To maximize the utility of each AI-generated message, the hireEZ platform will use proprietary machine learning data to automatically produce language tailored for recruitment. hireEZ is aiming to make it easier for recruiters to engage with job applicants and increase their ability to personalize candidate outreach at scale.

Initially, the new capability will be available to a limited group of customers, followed by others who have registered on a waitlist. After that, the product will be released to the public.

Artificial intelligence has been at the core of the hireEZ platform since it launched what it calls the world’s first AI candidate sourcing technology in 2017. The company is committed to the responsible development of technology and adheres to a formal set of principles for building AI systems. Last year, hireEZ launched two services, EZ Rediscovery and EZ Insights. EZ Rediscovery helps employers update information in their ATS, such as an individual’s work history, skills, email addresses and phone numbers. EZ Insights helps talent acquisition leaders develop strategic workforce plans by tapping into industry and competitor-specific benchmarking data.

Mark Feffer

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