Glassdoor released new community features to help users connect anonymously with other workers for real-time conversations about life and work. Glassdoor said the features will allow it to continue providing users with “workplace transparency” while it moves away from its past as a platform where workers could only review their current and former employers.

In addition, the new features allow employees to join conversations with other workers both inside and outside of their company.

Glassdoor wants to help workers build better communities and gather insights from colleagues and other professionals that can help them advance their careers, the company said.

“Workplace culture is rapidly changing, and we’re seeing new needs and desires emerge from job seekers, employees and employers,” said Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong. “This includes more transparent communication and connection with colleagues, and the ability to have anonymous or open conversations on a wide range of topics that cover work and life.”

Online Communities

According to a Glassdoor survey conducted by the Harris Poll, over two-thirds of employees – or around 68% — said they would like a way to anonymously ask coworkers and company leaders questions  about work. In addition, three in five of the survey’s respondents said that they wished they had an online community where they could seek career advice on dealing with workplace-specific challenges.

These features allows Glassdoor to “unlock even deeper insights for companies that help them express their employer brand and make more informed decisions for their employee experience,” Sutherland-Wong said.

As part of the same announcement, the company debuted a new app and desktop experience that allows users to switch between insights, workplace conversations and advice on a variety of topics. In addition, Glassdoor revealed a new logo and brand identity to help “usher in the new era.” The materials feature a brighter color palette and a “frank, encouraging tone of voice.”

By Gracie Wirick

Gracie Wirick is a writer and editor at RecruitingDaily and the HCM Technology report. A Purdue graduate with degrees in Professional Writing and Communication. She is a lover of classics and literature with an unfortunate penchant for the Oxford comma.


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