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Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) October 17, 2011 Horror stories about mistaken background checks have become commonplace, shaping the perception that employment screeners don’t care about accuracy—and that employers blindly make hiring decisions without allowing candidates to refute the information.

A new article from EmployeeScreenIQ, “No Shortcuts: Why Smarter Screening Matters” explains why smarter screening equates to intelligent hiring. Drawn from the global provider’s 13 years of experience, the article illustrates what employers need to know when developing an employment screening program.

The free article explains why a comprehensive criminal background check is so important, as well as the need to rigorously test court researchers and use the most accurate and up to date court resources. It also examines the security risks of background check providers that employ off-shore and home-based workers to handle job candidates’ personal information.

“Employers spend a lot of time, money and effort identifying the perfect candidate for each position,” said Jason B. Morris, president and chief operating officer at EmployeeScreenIQ. “A background screening provider shouldn’t jeopardize an employer’s hard work by alienating their candidates.”

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