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Washington, DC (PRWEB) November 03, 2011 Blue Chip Career, an online mentoring platform for job seekers, launched its new website with an extensive network of business executives. The company’s diverse and growing mentor network includes managing directors at bulge-bracket investment banks, successful entrepreneurs and venture capital investors, team leaders at top consulting firms and senior private equity and hedge fund investors. Through the Blue Chip Career platform, any job seeker can connect with an experienced mentor for personalized job search guidance.

“As a young professional, I noticed that networking was difficult and awkward and that it was hard to find the ‘right person’ to speak to,” Chris Carey, the company’s founder said of his motivation to transform the traditional mentoring paradigm. “After realizing this challenge, our team developed a mentor network which rivals that of a top business school, yet is easily and comfortably accessible to all.”

While social and professional networking is becoming an increasingly crowded space, Blue Chip Career differentiates its services by ensuring meaningful relationships with experienced and altruistically motivated mentors. Unlike a professional network such as LinkedIn, Blue Chip Career offers job seekers access to executives outside their existing network, and each client is provided a personal mentor match to ensure a productive and genuine relationship. Additionally, even as social networks are making it easier for professionals to connect, many job seekers are finding their requests for advice ignored.

“When I wanted help searching for a summer internship, I reached out to 50 alumni through my school’s network and LinkedIn, and I only received two responses – both of which were unhelpful,” Jeff Fairbrothers, a college junior, said of his networking experience prior to working with a Blue Chip Career mentor. “When I learned of Blue Chip Career, I found an executive with the perfect background for my career interests, and I was connected with her immediately.”

The company is finding that even professionals with traditionally strong alumni and professional networks are engaging with Blue Chip Career mentors. Indeed, the company has worked with students at all of the top 15 business schools. “Clients appreciate the ability to speak to an executive with specific industry expertise, as well as the on-demand and candid nature of the client-mentor interactions.” Carey said. “Some clients spend 20+ hours with a mentor, a time commitment that is uncomfortable and nearly impossible to get from a connection established via a personal or alumni network.”

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