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Los Angeles, CA, January 26, 2012 –(– CPEhr today announced the launch of their redesigned website. The website redesign was focused on tangibly representing the benefits small employers experience by outsourcing their human resources.

For thirty years, human resources outsourcing firm CPEhr has assisted employers in reducing complex and expensive employment administration tasks, such as HR compliance, payroll, employee benefits and safety. However, the benefits of outsourcing human resources are often intangible and many employers have difficulty understanding them. The new website is geared to simplifying these benefits by providing real-life examples of the financial savings and risk reductions provided by CPEhr.

“Many employers continue to investigate the value of HR outsourcing and Professional Employer Organizations as a way to cut employment costs and risks,” explains Ari Rosenstein, CPEhr’s Director of Marketing. “We wanted our new website to clearly reflect these benefits and to encourage employers to take a serious look at outsourcing their HR functions.”

CPEhr significantly reduces their clients’ employment overhead costs by providing access to group insurance programs, online HRIS systems, and proven employment procedures. Furthermore, CPEhr’s experienced HR staff and in-house legal counsel provide up-to-date guidance and support, reducing their client’s employment risks.

“We are confident that once an employer takes the time to compare their current, in-house HR processes to those of CPEhr, they will quickly recognize the benefits of human resources outsourcing,” says Rosenstein.

CPEhr offers a wide range of services, each geared to address a specific employment challenge. These services include:

· Employment compliance consulting
· Administrative support
· Employee documentation, forms and handbooks
· Risk Management
· Insurance services, including health insurance, voluntary benefits and workers’ compensation
· Recruiting
· Management Training
· Payroll and Tax

The CPEhr website can be viewed at

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