What’s your email address reputation score?


This site emailrep.io is a tool by Sublime Security that provides a fast and easy way to find out an email address’s reputation score. How does it do this? It analyzes associated activity for that email address as well as social media accounts around the web that use it.

It’s going to check if it’s a deliverable email address, whether or not it’s been blacklisted for phishing or fraud, potential compromises to the account, and online presence. It will take all those factors as well as many others, and then give a reputation for the address.

Email addresses that have a high reputation are ones that are unlikely to be a throwaway account. You can use this to check up on your own accounts, and make sure you aren’t blacklisted for some reason! Or, use it to detect throwaway accounts, integrate it into a signup process on your site to prevent abuse. Perform a check on your email address used for outgoing campaigns since lower reputation addresses will most likely be directed to spam.

Additionally, use it to check on an email address that you may need more contact info for. You’ll be able to see what social sites are associated and then head over there to find more information about them.

Bottom line, it’s free, easy to use, and could be pretty useful. It’s also an open-source project over on GitHub. Check it out!

~ Noel Cocca

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