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(PRWEB) March 28, 2012 utilizes advanced information technology and the Internet to allow physicians seeking a new practice opportunity and healthcare organizations with job opportunities to complete a comprehensive confidential, online profile that is used to automatically match the right candidate with right opportunity, greatly simplifying the physician recruitment process. The service is free to all physicians, and personal profiles can be completed quickly by simply logging on to the system and verifying a few critical pieces of information to properly match you to the right opportunity. uses a sophisticated matrix to analyze and compare multiple criteria, including practice, geographic location and community preferences; cultural interests and many other variables to create a perfect match between physicians and healthcare organizations. This significantly simplifies the search process and greatly speeds the overall recruiting effort, eliminating hours of online searches for the right candidates and opportunities.

“Our executives, myself included, have spent many years in the physician recruitment field and we have used our knowledge of the recruiting process and information technology to develop a system that not only simplifies this process, but improves the efficacy of matching the right candidate with the right practice opportunity,” explained Donald Friedman, Chief Marketing Officer at CV Connection. “ not only does a better job of finding and matching candidates, the information technology component reduces the time it takes to find the optimum candidate, therefore saving money for our clients. facilitates and improves the workflow of in-house physician recruiters and helps physicians who are looking for a career change by applying advanced information technology to the latest developments in the Internet. The culmination of this effort is a system that removes the mundane tasks from the physician recruitment process, while providing a superior methodology for matching the right candidate to the right opportunity. supports all physician specialties and puts healthcare organizations and physicians who looking for a change in full control of the search process by allowing them to quickly view their matches online and instantly follow-up as necessary. For those clients needing them, the company’s services also include all other aspects of physician recruitment, such as our Physician Recruitment Evaluation Process (PREP) which arranges a certain search to be profiled and created for marketability, as well as, physician career consultation, etc. Here’s how it works –

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