Bayard Advertising Unveils Advanced Web-based Candidate Sourcing Tool — JobCastle »

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Bayard Advertising Agency, Inc., an integrated branding, interactive, marketing and communications agency serving B2B and B2C clients specializing in job recruitment marketing, has unveiled a powerful web-based candidate sourcing tool now available to clients. Bayard’s proprietary recruitment tool, JobCastle, automatically optimizes jobs by using the most advanced SEO practices in the industry. JobCastle aggregates content in ways that enable search engines and Internet users to quickly find specific opportunities. The system automatically makes job listing more relevant in searches and ultimately more visible. JobCastle is a talent marketing system that uses technology to optimize jobs for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all of the top search engines currently used for job recruitment.

“JobCastle is a unique tool that allows our clients to organically index their jobs on the most relevant Search Engines on the Web,” says Eric Holwell, Bayard’s director of digital services. “It is an optimized portal of jobs with best in class SEO and Social elements that meet candidate and employer expectations in the new age of online recruiting. JobCastle can be used in various ways to promote, attract, and measure jobs and all other associated media buys.”

Holwell adds that he worked closely with the Bayard development team to build the software and clients are starting to see the benefits of the tool. “Based on the early success of JobCastle we really see the product growing in its capabilities and reach,” he says.

“JobCastle is a great tool for our clients and their potential job candidates. It is an efficient and extremely affordable service that provides our clients’ jobs with more visibility on the Web. On the user end, the system also makes it easier to search for jobs by listing the important search criteria on a clients’ homepage — such as search by location, job category and most recent jobs, making it more intuitive for the user,” says Louis Naviasky, Chief Operating Officer.

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