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(PRWEB) December 06, 2011 Barton Associates experienced significant growth in the locum tenens Hospitalist staffing market in 2011. With four teams of Hospitalist physician recruiters and account managers serving clients nationwide from offices in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida, Barton Associates expects this growth to continue into the 2012-2013 time-frame and beyond. Learn more about Barton Associates at

Key 2011 Numbers:

The number of locum tenens staffing requests handled by Barton Associates Hospitalist staffing teams increased by 43% in 2011 (v. 2010).
The average length of each assignment handled by Barton Associates increased by 152% in 2011 (v. 2010). This is a strong indicator that healthcare facilities are increasingly relying on locum tenens physicians to solve long term, persistent staffing challenges.

Barton Associates Expects Continued Growth in the Hospitalist Market

The Barton Associates Hospitalist locum tenens team remains confident that growth in the Hospitalist staffing sector will continue into the 2012-2013 timeframe, due to a variety of factors, including:

Increased implementation of Hospitalist programs:

– Hospitalist programs are a key selling point for healthcare facilities and can lead to increased admissions and increased revenue.
– Hospitalist programs provide facilities with an opportunity to implement efficient processes and effective cost control strategies when compared to the traditional model.
– Hospitalist programs can lead to higher quality and more efficient patient care when compared to the traditional model.

There is a significant shortage of physicians across the U.S. (including Hospitalists). This shortage is expected to peak in 2020. The physician shortage is putting significant strains on the Primary Care market, making Hospitalist programs a critical asset.
Demand for Hospitalists will continue to grow due to many other factors, including pending health care legislation and aging populations. Due to the length of time it takes to train physicians and systemic constraints in the American medical education system, it is likely to take 10 or more years for the supply of MDs to begin to match demand.
The shift-based nature of Hospitalist positions makes locum tenens staffing a good option for under staffed hospitals and physicians looking to earn additional income.

Barton Associates is Well-Positioned to Support Growth in the Hospitalist Market

Barton Associates is committed to growing with the Hospitalist locum tenens market.

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