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(PRWEB) January 18, 2012 A new tool promises to bring the recruitment industry to life using state-of-the-art video technology. Adcaster– a multifunctional video job board – enables recruitment agencies to promote candidates and fill vacancies via its innovative online platform.

The website, which hosts thousands of video CVs, provides a central platform for recruiters to purchase and upload their own video CVs to promote both vacancies and candidates online.

All jobseeker video CVs are supported by traditional resumes, helping to build a comprehensive candidate profile that can be sent to clients.

Adcaster’s fully bespoke ‘console’ system allows recruiters to host candidate videos and hard copy CVs in a virtual library. The flexible console, which can be fully branded, enables recruitment consultants to compile, edit and forward candidate information to their clients quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

Alongside a video and hard-copy CV, candidates can incorporate still life photography and a list of key skills and experience to build a stylish, interactive profile.
This allows recruiters to build a visual database of candidates for their clients to view.

Explaining the vision and strategy behind the business, Debbie Philip, co-founder and sales director at Adcaster, said: “Even the best written CV can lack personality. Our video technology allows recruitment consultants to really get a feel for the person, including both their skills and their ability to communicate.

“The jobs market is overflowing with potential candidates and sifting through resumes is an incredibly time consuming process. Video CVs allow recruiters to quickly and easily select the candidates who stand out from the crowd.”

The Adcaster website, which went live in January following a two-year development period, was developed to create a ‘more moving recruitment experience’ and enable the industry to keep pace with changes in technology.

Debbie commented: “As unemployment figures continue to rise, it’s becoming increasingly hard for recruitment consultants to find quality candidates. Using Adcaster, consultants can be confident they are delivering only the best job applicants to their clients.”

Having invested more than £250,000 in the development of its unique technology platform, the Knutsford-based company is now building partnerships with recruitment agencies across the UK.

Debbie said: “We really believe that 2012 will be the year the video CV comes of age. We want to make life easier for recruiters which means that filing through paper CVs will soon be a thing of the past!”

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