Boolean Search, though highly debated as a dead trade is still a very popular means of search online. Regardless if you are a Boolean Superstar or you still need to learn the basics of Boolean search there is a place in this game for both schools of thought.

After you watch the videos below you can check out 6 short search tutorials here to see some searches in action.

The challenge most recruiters face is the ability to create meaningful searches that return strong results.

Here are 4 Tools to help with building your Boolean searches:

The LinkedIn Custom Search Engine

The search engine is based on refinements, so your initial search should be simple. Once you run your simple search you will have the option to use the refinements listed at the top of the search engine. This is a great tool and really helps you to dig deep into LinkedIn if you are not comfortable searching on LinkedIn itself or if you need to target specific categories.

100% worth the download.

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Jobvention Boolean builder

Jobvention is a nice Boolean search tool that is easy to use with a simple interface. It’s no cost tool that is worth the view.

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Colleague Boolean Builder

I’ve been using colleage for a short while now and I like it. It’s not perfect but I certainly like the interface, the builder and the control that I have over my search.

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Social Talent Boolean Builder

Most people already have heard of Social Talent. It’s a great tool, with a very clean interface, lots of control and it returns strong results. I like this tool over most because it allows you to copy and paste your searches for later use.

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By Dean Da Costa

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