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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 05, 2012 WorkSimple (, the creator of an intuitive Social Performance platform known as Social Goals, continues to innovate on the employee engagement front with an update to its Recognition features.

The Recognition update allows co-workers to offer real-time recognition on Social Goals. WorkSimple’s new professional badge lineup is based on feedback from HR and corporate executives, who asked for a strategic mix of badges that encourage good behavior without devaluing employees with kid-like images. Social Goals Recognition badges are designed to showcase an employee’s work, not take away from it.

On the goal recognition front, new badges include: Congrats; Verify; Hit the Mark; Love It; Innovative, Achiever; Inspiring; Initiative; and Crushed it. On the user recognition front, new badges include: Many Thanks; Solid Work; Impact; Achiever; Fast Track; Driver; Creative; Producer; and Innovator.

“When truly adopted, Social Goals can become habit-forming for employees. One of the keys to employee engagement, though, is as-it-happens recognition,” said Morgan Norman, co-founder and CEO of WorkSimple. “In other words, waiting until the end of a project to congratulate an employee for a job well done is not always enough to drive high levels of employee morale and engagement in the modern workplace anymore.”

WorkSimple’s Social Goals helps you empower and engage employees by encouraging workers to showcase both short- and long-term goals. By allowing employees to publish and share goals in buckets like “Now,” “Next,” and “Someday,” Social Goals sets the stage for employee recognition at each stage on the way to a completed goal. Employees can win recognition when they create goals, when they offer progress updates, and when they accomplish the goal.

“WorkSimple’s platform sees a greater volume of goal creation than any other Social Performance application on the market. That’s because the system is designed for employees, leveraging a strategic blend of lightweight goals and date-driven or metric-driven goals,” said Ben Moore, co-founder and CTO of WorkSimple. “With Social Goals, you see more information about what employees are working on, which creates more opportunities for recognition along the way.”

With its Recognition update, WorkSimple is helping to define the direction of the Social Performance market—a market that is clearly moving toward driving higher levels of employee morale, engagement and empowerment through recognition. Even companies in the social networking space, like Yammer and Socialcast, are beginning to tap into the power of Social Performance recognition features. And is forging into this arena with its Rypple acquisition.

“WorkSimple is taking recognition a few steps beyond what’s on the market today. Social Goals lets employees capture more short-term goals and receive ongoing recognition and feedback,” said Norman. “Employees just can’t engage with traditional talent management platforms at this level—and those platforms aren’t designed for employees to share work anyway. WorkSimple offers a new Social Performance paradigm that drives higher levels of employee engagement now.”

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