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What Works Best for Agency Recruiters

What works better for Agency Recruiters? Niche or General Recruiting? Here’s the thing: it’s important to serve your clients best. Serving the client best does not mean trying to solve all of their problems or serve all of their needs at once.

If you’re a technology recruiting firm, stay a technology recruiting firm. Don’t start to try recruiting accountants. You won’t deliver a good candidate experience.

Go even further into the specialization route so you can become the go-to in a certain area or space.


How do you level up to this niche?

Tune in for the conversation now to find out!

Plus, if you missed last week, we discussed Email Harvesting, and why it’s bad for your business. Don’t miss it!



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Brian Fink

As a Senior Technical Recruiter with RentPath, Brian Fink focuses on driving talent towards opportunity. Eager to help stretch the professional capabilities of everyone he works with, he's helping startups, and enterprises transform their IT, Recruiting, Big Data, Product, and Executive Leadership teams. An active keynote speaker and commentator, Fink, thrives on discovery and building a better recruiting mousetrap.

Ryan Leary

Ryan Leary helps create the processes, ideas and innovation that drives RecruitingDaily. He’s our in-house expert for anything related to sourcing, tools or technology. A lead generation and brand buzz building machine, he has built superior funnel systems for some of the industries top HR Tech and Recruitment brands. He is a veteran to the online community and a partner here at RecruitingDaily.


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