The Biggest Mistake Brian Fink Made When He Started Recruiting


We have another great episode this week on Sourcing School! Last week, we covered how to drive more candidates from Instagram. This week, we have a different type of show for you. This is one of Ryan’s favorite topics: The biggest mistake Brian Fink made when he started recruiting.

Let’s go!


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Mistake #1: Not Listening

Brian says he had to learn to become a good listener and a good coach. He was too focused on the words but didn’t understand the meaning behind them. If you’re not listening to what the candidates and the clients want, you’re wasting your effort.


Mistake #2: Not having the empathy to be a leader.

How did he turn this around? Tune in to find out.

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Ryan Leary

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Brian Fink

In 280 characters or less, Brian Fink is a Senior Technical Sourcer at Twitter. Obsessed with all things sourcing and recruiting, Fink focuses on attracting open-source technologists who want to build the future!


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