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How do you spend $0 on your tech stack?

School is in session! Last week, we talked about the mistakes Brian Fink made when he started recruiting. If you missed it, check it out here! This week’s topic is on how can you start your own agency without any money in the bank? Let’s talk recruiting on a shoestring budget: How do you spend $0 on your tech stack? Note, that does not mean buying Zoho.


The Tech Stack

  • Get a Dropbox account. You can store a ton of resumes here, and the search is great. It’s like a poor man’s ATS.
  • Use Evernote. This good for creating searchable notes on candidates. It also works in tandem with Google, so you can pull up your Evernote content from a Google Search.
  • Get your own domain and add G Suite for a professional email address. (Yes yes we know that’s not free, but it’s super cheap.)
  • Breezy HR, Loxo, and SmartRecruiters all have free versions of their software.

What else? Tune in for more recommendations! What did we forget? Let us know what you think.

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