Background screening firm InfoMart launched Career Wallet, an app that operates on the principles applied to smart wallets when they’re used for retail purchases. With it, users can use their mobile device to compile, verify and share information such as employment history, education qualifications, online courses and skills training.

After users build their profile, InfoMart verifies their credentials. Consumers then manage their own data, deciding what information to share and with whom during a job search. Employers can access credentials through the app or an API.

The wallet is built on the framework of Advantage Students, an InfoMart screening product used by healthcare and education organizations. Basically, InfoMart expanded the technology behind Advantage Students to all consumers and enterprises.

“Given the needed adoption of digital identities, the time of the digital skills wallet has come,” said InfoMart CEO Marco Piovesan. “Authenticated digital identities are crucial to establishing transparency, trust and seamless economic opportunities. Given the rapid demand for remote onboarding, the rise of gig opportunities and the increasing need to prevent fraud, Career Wallet will become a standard.”

Speed and convenience are the main benefits InfoMart pushes for Career Wallet. “A consumer can easily store and verify their training credentials. They can then immediately share them with future or current employers,” said Tammy Cohen, InfoMarts’s founder and chief visionary officer.

As for employers, they need to hire more quickly as talent acquisition’s dynamics are changed by the expansion of gig workers and hybrid work. “Noted industry analysts are emphasizing the importance of a design-oriented and employee-focused hiring experience that is simple, automated, and digital,” the company said.

In early March, InfoMart released a continuous criminal monitoring service that notifies employers as soon as a new arrest is entered into police systems, and which can provide notice of future court filings.

Mark Feffer

Mark Feffer is executive editor of RecruitingDaily and the HCM Technology Report. He’s written for TechTarget, HR Magazine, SHRM, Dice Insights, and TalentCulture, as well as Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Staffing Industry Analysts. He likes schnauzers, sailing and Kentucky-distilled beverages.


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