CareerBuilder introduced a Pay Per Resume pricing model, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the hiring process, according to the company. Under this new system, companies will have the option to pay based on the number of resumes they actively utilize, as opposed to paying per job lisiting.

The company said the goal of Pay Per Resume is to provide customers with more control over their hiring expenses.

“We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to finding the right talent while managing their budget,” said CareerBuilder CEO Jeff Furman. With the new solution, he said, the company hopes to “reimagine” the hiring process, helping businesses to find their ideal candidates with “a more cost-effective approach to recruiting.”

Cost-Effective Hiring Practices

Other features of the new pricing model include:

  • Flexible pricing helps employers optimize their budget by charging only for the resumes they actively search for and review.
  • Faster hiring: CareerBuilder said access to its resume database, without license costs and limitations, allows companies to expedite their hiring process and secure better candidates.
  • Access to a diverse talent pool
  • User-friendly platforms simplify the process of browsing, reviewing and shortlisting resumes, streamlining employer searches.

In June, CareerBuilder’s Broadbean, a provider of SaaS technology for talent acquisition and engagement, was acquired by Veritone, which plays in the space for enterprise AI software and services. The transaction was the second significant transaction by CareerBuilder this year, following the company’s sale of its European and Asian businesses to Kariera SA in May.

By Gracie Wirick

Gracie Wirick is a writer and editor at RecruitingDaily and the HCM Technology report. A Purdue graduate with degrees in Professional Writing and Communication. She is a lover of classics and literature with an unfortunate penchant for the Oxford comma.


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