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San Francisco, CA, December 18, 2011 –(– Infuze Mobile, Inc. today announced it has launched its new mobile app, JobChangeAlert for LinkedIn on the Appstore. JobChangeAlert will send a daily push notification to a user’s iPhone or iPad with a list of LinkedIn connections in their network that have changed their jobs.

“We all have hundreds if not thousands of LinkedIn contacts and it is very difficult to keep track of who is doing what,” said Bharath Natarajan, CEO and co-Founder, Infuze Mobile. “JobChangeAlert will help solve this problem and will enable increased engagement with the user’s professional network.”

One of the most important updates on LinkedIn is when a user’s connection gets promoted to a decision maker, joins a new company, resigns, or starts their own venture. But this information gets lost among all the various updates in LinkedIn and the users end up not extracting the value from the update. JobChangeAlert for LinkedIn solves this problem by sending a push notification daily to the mobile device with all the job changes and keeps a searchable list for review anytime.

“Today everyone is inundated with updates from various social media sites. A service like JobChangeAlert takes the most valuable slice of data from these updates and sends it directly to a user’s iPhone or iPad,” added Bharath Natarajan. “With this tool users will be able to direct message, share and comment on the job change so that they can congratulate their connections’ career move right from their mobile phone.”

For sales, marketing, recruiting professionals, job seekers and business owners, this is an extremely useful service as they will never again lose a potential lead just because they did not visit LinkedIn website everyday or didn’t open the weekly email from LinkedIn. JobChangeAlert helps a LinkedIn user keep up to date with the real important information about their professional and personal contacts.

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