A week ago I realized on my way to work that the news and talk radio was just full of commercials and I turned off the car radio.  It was a bright day but the news didn’t match how I felt.  Then it dawned on me, time to rock out.  Being a fan of U2 I had a song ready to go from my “run” playlist and before you know it, I was all smiles and feeling the energy lift.  Did I really need to know all the news of the day?  Did I need to hear the complaining, whining, negativity, and sales pitches all the way to my office?  Nope.  I successfully unplugged from the grid for a short time and connected with myself.  I rode that energy high to a very productive day.

The reminder here?  Give yourself a charge up, change your routine, and make a moment about you.  Think about what you want to get done today and how you want to approach the day.  Tell yourself that no matter what happens, you are going to work hard and get through it.  And then do it.  Don’ t forget that part.  Motivation starts with the first with inspiration and then action.  I have calls to make, candidates to talk to, and it is going to be another great day!  How about you?

And a big Happy Birthday to Tim Spagnola!

By Noel Cocca

Partner and CEO of RecruitingDaily.com LLC - Fan of good recruiting talk, seeker of gadgets and adoring father of my kids. When the screen goes dark you can find him coaching baseball, downhill skiing, or looking for ways to make life easier for his wife.


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