Jim Fox

Jim Fox has been in the recruitment business for long enough to have some good stories. Admittedly, that doesn’t take very long, but you get the idea. Jim led the Human Resource team, including internal recruitment, for Recruitment Process Outsourcer, The RightThing and for ADP’s Talent Acquisition Solutions suite of businesses. He believes in the importance and power of people in the workplace and welcomes robots too if they have the right skills. You can connect with Jim on Twitter @ThePeopleFox or follow him on LinkedIn.

Content authored by Jim Fox

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A Secret Strategy to Hire Better/Faster, Engage More and Retain Longer


Last summer, I was approached by a recruiter about an incredible role and it got me thinking about a friend who I thought may be a great fit so I… Read more

Have TA Professionals Forgotten That We’re Really in the People Business?


Twenty years ago, I worked in the staffing industry. Thirteen years ago, I worked in recruitment. Seven years ago, my career took a turn into Talent Acquisition, also known as… Read more

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Don’t Panic! Navigating AI in Recruitment

Join us at this can’t-miss event as we explore recruiting’s unfolding future with AI.

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