If elusive candidates are purple squirrels, then recruiters are raccoons.

If this sounds crazy, allow me to give you a little raccoon lesson. Raccoons are attracted to shiny things, so much so that you can point out a raccoon den because of its large amount of shiny objects inside. You know — important raccoony things like dimes, screws, bits of tin foil and glass.

In fact, if you want to catch a raccoon, all you have to do is hollow out a log, put two angled nails facing down and a little piece of foil in it. A raccoon will want the object so bad it will ball it’s fist up and refuse to let go, trapping it in the log.

By now you are wondering what any of this has to do with recruiting. It’s this: Recruiters are attracted to Chrome Extensions just as raccoons are to a bottle top. From data finders and email tools to timers and url shorteners, recruiters love Chrome Extensions. However, most recruiters don’t know exactly what a Chrome Extension is.

Assaf Eisenstein, CEO of Lusha, will join the RecruitingLive team this Friday to discuss Chrome Extensions, but not to tell us which ones to use. Rather, he will share with us what Extensions are, how they work, and what we should watch out for.

Please join us to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding Chrome Extensions.

See you Friday and don’t forget to tweet @RecruitingBlogs #rdaily!

Assaf Eisenstein|Jackye Clayton
CEO|Editor Lusha|RecruitingDaily

Assaf Eisenstein is the founder and CEO of Lusha, a Chrome extension plugin that generates phone numbers and email address from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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