At one point, the traits you looked for when adding a recruiter to the team was looking for someone with a consultative sales background. You know, someone who could listen, ask questions and persuade. But the industry has changed. While there are still cross over skills from sales to recruiting, there are new traits needed like marketing, a love of technology and expert level social media skills.



More and more, we will see tech adaptability being added to that list. The technology that you use today could be obsolete tomorrow. But some of the roles in recruiting and sourcing today could be obsolete tomorrow. With the evolution of Machine Learning (which is often incorrectly referred to as AI), your role could be changing. No, a robot will not be taking your job. No, there will never be a time where there is not any human part of the recruiting process. But your job as a Recruiter or Sourcer may change from what it is today. And it will not be one tool, but rather a full AI tech stack taking on many of the mundane tasks throughout the recruiting process.



The question is, what skills do you need to learn today, to make sure that you are ready for the recruiting roles of the future? This is not coming from a place of doom and gloom. Nor am I trying to illicit fear of any kind. There are some key skills that you should look into to make sure that you are adapting to the foreseen upcoming changes.

Jeremy Roberts will join us on RecruitingLive to discuss what AI means for the future of Recruiting and Sourcing professionals, the skills that you will need to possess and how to get them. We will also be looking at the new buzz phrase, “AI Stack” and discuss what it is, how it works and how it will affect the future of recruiting.

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Jeremy Roberts is VP, Customer Experience at HiringSolved. He is the previous Editor of SourceCon. Prior to joining the ERE Media team, he spent over a decade working as a recruiter, sourcer, and sourcing manager. This time was spent in diverse environments, including third party agency settings (retained and contingent), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers, and internal corporate HR departments. His previous employers include the MHA Group, Ajilon Finance, Korn Ferry Futurestep, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, and Randstad Sourceright, US. He resides in Corinth, TX with his wife and 3 children.
|Jackye is an editor and writer of Recruiting Tools blog where she shares great HR and recruitment-themed articles accompanied with funny GIFs and images what makes them a joy to read. Follow Jackye on Twitter to see priceless pieces of advice on any HR problem you may be having. She is recognized as a people expert who puts the Human in Human Resources. An international trainer, she has traveled worldwide sharing her unique gifts in sourcing, recruiting and coaching.

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Jackye is an acclaimed thought leader and inspirational speaker on recruiting and DEIB topics. She brings years of experience recruiting across a variety of industries including tech, HR, legal, and finance. In her role as VP of Talent Acquisition and DEIB, she leads all related work at Textio, provides critical expertise to customers, and serves as a leading voice in the products Textio creates for the broader ecosystem. Jackye has been named one of the 9 Powerful Women in Business You Should Know by SDHR Consulting, one of the 15 Women in HR Tech to Follow by VidCruiter, and is on the Top 100 list of Human Resources Influencers by Human Resource Executive Magazine.


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