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We are back with another installment in our series from HRTech 2019! RecruitingDaily and Talemetry are discussing the future of hiring trends, and we decided to pick the brains of some of the top people in the business and pass this valuable information on to you.

We asked one question:  What skills are you hiring for in 5 years?

Don’t miss the last episode, where we talked about the future of the gig economy and impending recession with Andrew Gadomski & Jason Roberts.

podcast with Pamela Stroko


Today, we are here with Pamela Stroko, Vice President, HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership at Oracle. We asked Pamela what she thinks will be hot in 5 years. Pamela’s explanation is this: technology is ever-changing, and it’s important for people to also focus on what is enduring. Anyone that wants to get ahead in the job market will need to be able to build relationships. She asks the questions: “Can you adapt, can you read a situation, and can you connect with people?” 

We are seeing a real trend here with the need for soft skill development. William and Pamela also discuss the need to re-evaluate job output for value add, and the need to have patience on filling open positions with the right talent.

Listen to the full podcast here and let us know what you think. How will you hire in 5 years?

Playing Time:  7 Minutes


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