Strip the Ego and Educate: Candidate Closure and Focused Interviewing with guest Jeff Shapiro

Happy Thanksgiving! We have a great episode of Sourcing School for you. Today, we’re talking with Jeff Shapiro, Director of Talent Acquisition at Radnet. So, while you hide from your family members to avoid rolling napkins, feel free to tune in!

  1. Strip the ego and educate
  2. Focused Interviewing
  3. Candidate Closure
  4. Radical Candor
  5. Profile what success looks like

Yes, some of these may sound cliché. But, these are just 5 of the nuggets that Jeff dives deep on as he helps us to navigate the cluster that we call candidate experience.

RippleMatch Recruiting at HBCUS

Finally, here’s what we cover:

  1. In-House/TA it’s time to realize hiring managers are not your customers. Candidates are.
  2. Are you using all your historical data to its capacity? (Declined offers, boomerangs, campus recruitment)
  3. Do you fully understand your value proposition to candidates (elevator pitch)

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