Season 1, Episode 4: Email Finders

Here’s another no-filter sourcing school session! Today, we are talking about Email Finders! What is it about an email that’s so important? Well, as we discussed a few episodes back, one reason is that email is more effective than InMails. Plus, email is personal. It’s how we communicate. And, once you have them, they are also a means to find their social profiles.


Let’s go through the tools; the good and the bad: – Bad. They like to say they are better than others, but we have seen performance as a swing and a miss.

Swordfish – It’s reliable. Really like using it, especially after UI improvements. “It’s sick, and “Accurate AF”

Lusha – Like, and getting better. Easy to use. Plus this tool includes a people aggregator. – We don’t talk about this enough as sourcers. The WhoIs database is meant to find domain owners, but it also includes contact information.

Zapinfo – If you’re not using ZapInfo, get on it. Don’t forget to check out the Boolean builder as well as their Facebook search within the tool.

Uplead – Not necessarily a recruiting tool, it’s more B2B. Like the ability to filter and pull different things out. You gotta pay for it, there is a free version but free isn’t always the way to go.

ClearbitConnect – Really cool. B2B Marketing as well, with both a Chrome Extension as well as an email extension. Use them to find company org charts with work emails. The free version will give you 150 free lookups.

RocketReach – It’s a B2B marketing tool to connect with decision-makers. It also has a people aggregator tool. They have indexed over 20 million companies, and allow searches across sites like Angelist and CrunchBase.


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Are people more likely to respond to a recruiter email sent to their work email, or to their personal email? To find out, tune in!

Do you agree with our list? Let us know what you think.

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