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How some TA Leaders are leveraging the downtime


We have another wonderful guest for you today! The topic today is all positive things and silver linings. I am here with Jerome Ternynck, Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters to discuss how some TA leaders are leveraging this downtime.

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Let’s begin.

Jerome SmartRecruiters



SmartRecruiters offers a talent acquisition suite that currently serves over 1,000 large enterprises. Jerome has been in recruiting his whole life. He is a “recruiter at heart and technologist by adoption.” He feels that right now is an interesting moment in time the community can do a lot with. Let’s see what he has to say.



What are some of the positive stories you’ve seen from TA leaders?

There has been a lot. It’s humbling to see how the community has reacted. Something we have not had over the last decade was time. Now we do. I see people stepping up and doing a lot of initiatives.

First, do the right thing. Go in your ATS and unpost all job listings that have been put on hold. Then, inform the candidates that have applied over the last few weeks and let them know the opening is on hold and you will be in touch. It’s so hard for people that are out there. Don’t leave people in a black box. Only post jobs for which you intend to hire. That is one thing I have seen that’s happening a lot.


Treating candidates with respect and making their experience better. This is one of those things that we should have been doing even in a pre-COVID world.

Last I checked, candidates are human beings.


What do you think TA Leaders have to really focus on at this moment in time?

This is a moment where leaders need to think about the company first. Because, if you protect the company, you protect your team, your employees. So, look at two things. How can I help with redeployment and movement of inside talent? And, how can I save cost and increase efficiency?

We have seen TA leaders really step up and leverage their internal talent pools for open positions, rather than going outside the company. These internal talent pools are one way to take those employees that may be laid off or furloughed and redeploy them across the company internally. Or even across organizations, like we have seen in some, where the talent pools are shared across multiple companies for this purpose.


Is there something in the technology stack that people are using more now than they did before?

There are two, actually, that come to mind. The first, SmartAssistant, reads every resume you have and summarizes them and gives you a rating or score against the job. It basically builds a shortlist of the resumes you should look at. Now, when you’re getting 300-400 resumes per job, it’s clear why this is becoming a very popular feature.

We’re seeing an increase as well in our SmartCRM module. People are using it to start to build their hiring pipeline for when hiring begins again. If you’ve been wanting to hire a Data Scientist, or any other hard to fill roles, now is the time to start the search and begin building those relationships.

Collaboration is something else we are seeing. With interviewing online, collaboration has to be more than that quick conversation in the break room. We are seeing more interview scorecards, feedback forms, and reliance on this collaboration data in order to hire the right candidate. It’s actually making hiring decisions more professional.

One that was surprising was last week we created 9,000 new jobs. So, there are people hiring. A lot of industries are in a hiring frenzy. If you are a TA person that is displaced, look at those industries.


For the rest of the conversation please tune in! Other points covered include:

The impact on the 2020 roadmap for SmartRecruiters.

COVID’s profound impact on how much work is done remotely. What will that mean for the commercial real estate market?

Gig workers and 1099 employees. Will they become a larger part of the working portfolio?

How this is pushing Digital Transformation forward by at least 5 years.


All this and more. Tune in and let us know what you think!


Listening time: 40 minutes

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