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Is it an “offer,” or is it content?

Good question. Short answer: it needs to be relevant to their lives. There is a ton of digital noise right now.

Years ago, we did a practitioner survey and they were averaging about 100 webinar invites and 150 white paper download invites per week, give or take. That’s 600 white papers in a month!

There are about 672 hours in a month. Just boggle your mind with that math.

A “you” (your company) focused piece of content usually fails, and is barely an “offer.” A “they” (your customer) focused piece of content has a much better chance of succeeding and is typically closer in definition to “an offer.”


What’s the No. 1 thing to do to cut through the clutter?

Be bold. If you want to be noticed, you need to do something outside the norm.

That changes the brain’s reaction to it. Think of Super Bowl ads. In the last 5-10 years, what do you remember? The Oreo “dunk in the dark” stuff? Maybe. The Google ad this year with the widower? Maybe. But that’s also a recency effect.

Be bold. It’s hard for companies sometimes because they fear compliance issues or alienating certain potential buyers, but be bold. It matters.


What about certification programs for your software?

Yes. Do it. It makes a ton of sense. Hire someone if you need to.


Articles or podcasts?

Right now this is trending podcasts. It’s harder to make a good podcast than a good article (varies by the people you are working with).

Articles are probably going to increasingly get shorter as we become more concerned with attention spans.


Videos or podcasts?

Why choose? Make a video, rip out the audio and produce both creating 2 pieces and meaningful content.


Long-form vs. short-form?

It’s not generational, but it’s “how much time we have in a day.” Long-form content’s audience is shrinking. Blame it on IG?

But damn, those long captions…


Peep this YouTube channel

Oversimplified. Your content does not have to be drastically complex. It’s OK to simplify.

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