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Now that I’m a CEO, what would I tell my old CHRO self? with Barb Hyman

Today on RecruitingLive, we have both an interesting person and an interesting topic. Barb Hyman is here to talk about advice she’d give her former self. What’s interesting about this is that Barb came up through the wonderful world of HR and was a CHRO.  She’s now become the CEO of a technology company. We have a lot to unpack.

Barb Hyman PredictiveHire

PredictiveHire is a tech company that’s been around for a couple of years. PredictiveHire offers recruitment automation using chat. They solve the pain point of how to figure out who to hire. Especially when you’ve got hundreds of thousands of applicants and not much time to make those decisions. You also want to be fair and give a good candidate experience.

What’s been transformative on the candidate experience side? One offering through the chat process is that candidates receive a personality profile with some coaching tips. Older workers respond really well also, as they don’t need to experience bias associated with ageism.

Tune in now for the rest of the conversation, where Barb takes us through her transformation from lawyer to CEO.

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