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Buying Tech to Support the “Next Normal” with Joe Essenfeld

I am privileged to have Joe from iCIMS here to discuss a great topic on the show today. We will pick his brain on buying tech to support what we think will become “the Next Normal,” or what we think is going to happen once this settles down. Can’t wait to get into it.

First, some introductions

Joe Essenfeld is the Vice President of Strategy at iCIMS. Prior to his current role, Joe was the CEO and founder of Jibe, a platform aimed at solving hiring challenges within recruitment marketing and improving the candidate experience.

After a successful 10 years, iCIMS acquired Jibe in June 2019, which was then integrated as their recruitment marketing suite. Most recently, Joe took on his current role as VP of Strategy. Specifically, his focus is on strategic partnerships and a cross-portfolio product strategy.


What will the new future of work look like?

Tune in to find out! Plus, video interviewing, collaboration apps, and more. Don’t miss it.

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Let us know what you think!


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