Talent management platform Beamery acquired Flux, a mobility platform that connects open development and work opportunities with internal talent.

With the acquisition, Beamery said it will offer the first unified platform for internal and external resourcing, which will allow businesses to tap into the skills of their global talent pool and recruit, find, develop and redeploy people as they need to.

Beamery’s intention is to help employers who are struggling to match people to jobs. That’s a challenge that’s particularly acute now, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that American businesses have 11.3 million job openings to fill, and 4.4 million employees quit their jobs in March 2022 alone.

Beamery CEO Abakar Saidov said Flux’s technology helps employees to be more self-directed in their development and connection to others in their company. The acquisition, he said, will result in “a more holistic” solution that unifies internal and external resourcing while providing more intelligence on the workforce and helping them realize DEI, talent, hiring and retention goals.

“[Flux]has been building a groundbreaking new talent mobility system,” said industry analyst Josh Bersin. “The combination of Flux’s platform with Beamery makes the company highly competitive with the likes of Gloat, Eightfold, and even Workday.”

Facilitating Mobility

With the talent shortage looming over everyone’s shoulder, more businesses are seeking to encourage mobility and development within their workforce. That includes providing opportunities to upskill or take on gig assignments, as well as promoting career advancement through tailored pathways.

Plus, according to LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report, companies that do internal mobility well retain their employees for an average of 5.4 years, nearly twice as long as employers who find the waters choppy.

Retention’s an important part of this. As Beamery observed, it’s about “ultimately creating a workforce that is well placed to support future business growth.” Companies that use Flux have seen an increase in employee tenure, improved sentiment about their career path and a noticeable reduction in administration time, the company said.

By Mark Feffer

Mark Feffer is executive editor of RecruitingDaily and the HCM Technology Report. He’s written for TechTarget, HR Magazine, SHRM, Dice Insights, TLNT.com and TalentCulture, as well as Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Staffing Industry Analysts. He likes schnauzers, sailing and Kentucky-distilled beverages.


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