It is hard to remain optimistic in these times.  Even if you are succeeding, you have to wonder and have concern for those that cannot seem to get their business going or are struggling to keep it alive.  Many are looking for work and taking what they can find no matter how below their old pay grade.  Tim and I decided to start to provide information we picked up over the years to those in the industry for free.  We also wanted to do it in the worst economic recession in history because we thought it would help.

Quite a few people have found success in the worst of times.  And I really do believe that the true test of character is how we act when when times are tough, not when we are succeeding.  Bill Gates started Microsoft in a recession.  And many others succeeded after many failures but never gave up.  I hope you enjoy this video.  It reminds me that no matter what age, training, skills, or timing:  anyone can still succeed.  Have a great week, work closest to the placements you have, and think positive every day.  Good things are coming your way.

By Noel Cocca

Partner and CEO of LLC - Fan of good recruiting talk, seeker of gadgets and adoring father of my kids. When the screen goes dark you can find him coaching baseball, downhill skiing, or looking for ways to make life easier for his wife.


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