Shane Bernstein

Over 15 years ago Shane entered the staffing industry. Today he’s helping to revolutionize it. Shane founded Rolebot in 2018, an AI-powered hiring engine.  Most customers refer to Rolebot as a modern-day RPO for mid-enterprise level companies at a 10th of the cost. Shane’s experience at his previous company set the foundation for the startup’s path of disruption in the recruitment space. Prior to Rolebot, Shane was already pushing boundaries in the staffing industry launching Q, an outbound oriented staffing company focused 100% on passive talent. The company had unheard-of success with this model and Shane realized that it could be more powerful if positioned to the broader market. With the resurgence of Big Data and AI, Shane realized the tools needed to scale the effective outreach approach were finally available.  As a result, Rolebot enables companies to fast forward through top of funnel, eliminating the tedious part of the recruitment process, saving companies thousands of work-hours and cutting the time to hire in half.  Some of Rolebot’s customers include Yelp, Fandango, and ADP.

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