Paul Ahlstrom

Paul Ahlstrom is a seasoned investor, serial founder, and regular supporter of venture-backed innovation and entrepreneurship in Utah, the Rocky Mountains, Mexico, and beyond. He is most recently the co-founder of TechBuzz, a news site spotlighting good things in the Utah tech scene, and co-founder and CEO of IsoTalent, a disruptive recruiting firm offering global employment solutions for high-growth organizations. He is the author of Nail It Then Scale It: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating and Managing Breakthrough Innovation and holds a B.A. in Communications from Brigham Young University.

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The Fluid Boundaries of Future Hiring: Keeping Up With the Best Talent


Hiring and engaging the next generation of top talent is a compelling challenge for contemporary recruiters. Gen Z is poised to flood the labor market, and they come already fluent… Read more

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