Maya Huber

Maya Huber is the CEO & Co-Founder of Skillset. Skillset is an e-recruiting platform that transforms the "old" model of CV-based recruiting to an effective skills-based assessment and matching new approach. By testing and validating job seekers' skills and actual performance as the first recruiting step, Skillset can best match job seekers and recruiting companies. Skillset delivers the most qualified candidates for the role to companies, therefore shortening the recruiting cycle and improving overall retention rate and diversity hiring. Maya holds a Ph.D. in occupational therapy, with primary expertise in the fields of job analysis and the future of work. Maya has 15 years of practical and research experience managing HR companies focusing on the inclusion of vulnerable population groups.

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It’s Time to Move From Skills Assessment to Proven Skills-Based Recruiting


Evaluating candidates according to their skills and not their CVs is the new consensus. Everyone agrees that skill-based assessments are the best way to guarantee a qualified and skilled candidate… Read more

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