James Sinclair is the CEO of EnterpriseAlumni, the market leading Corporate Alumni Platform serving the Alumni communities of companies including Nestle, P&G, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Pearson, Aviva among others. James is an in-demand strategist and speaker within the HR Innovation and Change Management field. Having spent his career with companies including IBM, SAP & EDS focused on driving innovation and change management for Fortune 1000 companies. He co-founded EnterpriseAlumni to deliver the last mile of a total workforce experience to large organizations.  

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Employee Experience Doesn’t End At The Exit Interview


  Deloitte preaches it. Nestle proves it. Former employees want it. The answer: What is a post employee experience? The data is unanimous. Companies that invest in lifelong relationships outperform… Read more

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Don’t Panic! Navigating AI in Recruitment

Join us at this can’t-miss event as we explore recruiting’s unfolding future with AI.

Be part of HRTX on September 28, 2023, and learn how to harness AI’s potential without losing the human touch.