Anthony Onesto

Anthony Onesto is a leading expert on culture, human resources, and talent. Anthony joined the Suzy™ Team to help scale and drive its mission and vision around culture, talent, and human resources. Anthony brings a unique approach to Human Resources, using design-thinking principles to build a human-centered organization.  He has years of experience in scaling and building culture, human resources, and talent for fast-growth technology and innovation companies. Anthony is the host of New Yawk HR, a podcast show with a contrarian view of Human Resources and Recruiting. He is currently writing a book focused on advising companies on how to prepare for GenZ entering the workforce. 

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4 Methods on Building and Engaging a Remote Workplace


4 Methods on Building and Engaging a Remote Workplace As HR leaders welcome new employees remotely, the virtual onboarding process presents both challenges and opportunities. Companies are now fusing radical… Read more

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